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At GracePointe, the next steps involve engaging in various aspects of our church community. After salvation individuals can participate in Baptism as a symbolic expression of their faith. There are opportunities to join Community Groups, fostering connections with fellow members. Additionally, individuals can explore Membership at GracePointe and discover avenues for active involvement and service within the Church!



Baptism at GracePointe is a symbolic act of faith and obedience to Jesus, representing an individual's decision to follow Christ. It's a public declaration, done through water immersion, symbolizing the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and symbolizing our spiritual rebirth.



Joining a local church like GracePointe is a vital part of Christian life, providing a reliable community for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Membership involves a conscious decision, adherence to Biblical principles, and active participation in church life, including communion, serving, and contributing to the mission of spreading the Gospel message.


Community Groups

GracePointe's community groups offer a close-knit environment for spiritual growth, building genuine relationships, and applying biblical teachings to daily life. These groups contribute to the church family, providing care, encouragement, and a supportive network for personal faith.



Serving at GracePointe is essential for embodying Jesus' teachings and demonstrating love to the community. Volunteering becomes a transformative expression of faith, fostering lasting relationships and positively impacting lives through Christian principles of love and service.

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