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GracePointe boasts a diverse array of ministries, catering to all age groups from Nursery to Teens, as well as various programs in between. These ministries create a vibrant and inclusive community, fostering spiritual growth and engagement in every aspect of church life.


GracePointe's children's ministry fosters spiritual growth in a vibrant, nurturing environment. With engaging activities and age-appropriate lessons, we instill biblical principles and a sense of joy in our youngest members. Join us Sundays at 9:00 AM and Wednesdays at 6:30 PM!

High School

Valley High's High School Ministry is a vibrant hub, extending support beyond traditional boundaries to engage with students through faith and fellowship. From hosting Bible studies on school grounds to a Mentor Program providing personalized guidance, our approach combines faith, community, and mentorship to reach the next generation for Christ.


GracePointe's teen ministry is dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth in youth through engaging activities, Bible preaching, and a supportive community. By creating a safe space, addressing real-life issues, and empowering teens with Biblical guidance, we aim to equip the next generation to boldly walk with God and share the Gospel.

Man/Mom Church

GracePointe's Man and Mom Church ministry, held twice a year, offers separate 10-week sessions for men and women on Wednesday nights. This intentional division fosters a supportive environment, encouraging open dialogue and shared experiences as participants explore their unique roles within biblical teachings.

Social Media

GracePointe's Social Media Ministry actively uses Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to share the Gospel through live broadcasts, engaging content, and podcasts, fostering an inclusive digital community. Committed to spreading God's grace, we aim to inspire and connect with individuals on a personal level in this modern digital age.


GracePointe's Spanish church is a vibrant community that gathers for worship, fellowship, and growth, led by passionate leaders. Our services, filled with heartfelt worship and inspiring messages, foster a warm atmosphere where diversity is embraced, relationships are nurtured, and individuals are empowered to live out their faith.

Celebrate Recovery

GracePointe's Celebrate Recovery Ministry is a beacon of hope and healing, providing a safe haven for individuals navigating life's struggles and offering acceptance, encouragement, and practical tools for recovery. Guided by dedicated leaders, this Christ-centered program addresses various issues, fostering spiritual growth and emotional well-being every Monday night at 6 pm.

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