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The Team


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Mark Bishop

Senior Pastor

Mark Bishop, Senior Pastor of GracePointe, married to Mrs. Kim for 27 years, discovered his calling to preach the gospel at age 19 during his sophomore college. Raised in a preacher's home, Pastor Mark holds degrees from Pensacola Christian College, Liberty University, and Southern Seminary. With three children, two in ministry, he replanted GracePointe in 2016. A retired Army Major after 20 years and 9 years in evangelism, Pastor Mark's life reflects his unwavering commitment to faith, service, and leadership.

Luke Lesmeister

Executive Pastor

Luke Lesmeister, born again at the age of 12, discovered his calling to preach shortly thereafter, guided by his upbringing in a Christian home. He pursued his passion by earning a Bachelor's degree in Theology from a Bible College in Illinois. Married to Mrs. Brittney since 2009, Luke served as an Associate/Youth Pastor in Missouri before joining GracePointe, where he has dedicated nearly 9 years as Executive Pastor while also fulfilling the role of Worship Pastor with dedication and passion.

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Bryce Campbell

Youth Pastor

Pastor Bryce, a product of a Christian upbringing, born again at the age of 6. At 19, he wholeheartedly embraced his calling to preach, setting him on a path that led him to meet his beloved wife, Kenzie, during his time at Pensacola Christian College. Since January 2023, Pastor Bryce has faithfully served GracePointe as its dedicated Youth Pastor, driven by a profound desire to introduce today's youth to the transformative power of the Gospel of Christ.

Kim Bishop

Church Secretary

Mrs. Kim, a native of North Carolina, was raised in a Christian household and discovered her faith early on. She attended Pensacola Christian College, where she met her husband, Pastor Mark, and was born again at the age of 22. With over two decades of dedication to Christian education, Mrs. Kim now fulfills her role as Church Secretary at GracePointe, actively supporting the ministry alongside her husband, and contributing significantly to the operations behind the scenes.

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Lisa Plemmons

Financial Secretary

Chuck Rhudy


Gary Wildt

Recovery & Counseling Pastor

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